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Question and Answers about Own Land in Indoensia


1. Can a foreigner own land in Indonesia?
There are three ways a foreigner can own property in Indonesia:
Assigning an indonesian nominee.
Founding a company.
Leasing property.

2. How long does it take before I am the owner?
Ownership takes effect immediately on signing. A typical transaction can be completed as quickly as it takes for funds to be tranfered from Buyer to Seller. The Notaris acts as a neutral party by holding the ownership documents until the agreed sum has been transfered.

3. Do I need a solicitor / legal Advocate?
No. In Indonesian law, the Notaris (Registra of Property) acts as a neutral party on behalf of the Buyer and Seller.

Apart from the services provided by the Notaris (which usually costs between 1 and 1,5 percent of the agreed selling price) there are government taxes to be paid. This is usually 10 percent, split evenly between Buyer and Seller on the declared value of the property.

5. What is the cost of living in Indonesia?
Energy costs (Fuel/electricity/water) are extremely low, as are the costs of domestic help. (i.e. maid/gardener/security/pool maintanance etc...)

6. What should I know about Indonesian property law?

For foreigners, there are basically three options to legally secure a property in Indonesia.


7. Question: How can I convert among the different land measurement units?

Answer :
1 are = 100 m2

1 acre = 40 are = 4.000 m2

1 hectare = 100 are = 10.000 m2 = 2,5 acre.








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